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CBOND 2022: Event

The 3rd European Symposium on Chemical Bonding (CBOND2022) will be held online from 20 till 22 September (free of charge).

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Proudly sponsored by Chemistry Europe

Online registration (free of charge) is required. 
If you want to compete for the poster prize, you must send a pdf of your poster (max. 10MB) to with “CBOND2022poster” as the subject including your name, university, and country in the email, and register for the conference.

The primary objective of CBOND is the exchange of the latest developments and ideas in the field of chemical bonding.

The program spans three days and has two sessions with lectures by Distinguished Speakers. In addition, there is also a poster Twitter event.

Tuesday 20 September 16:00 –18:00 CEST
16:00     Matthias Bickelhaupt – Opening CBOND2022

16.10     Trevor A. Hamlin – Session opening

16:15     Fernando P. Cossío – Fragment interaction analysis (FIA) as a potentially useful tool for the study of the evolution of covalent bonds: 3,3-sigmatropic shifts as a case study.
17:05     ‪Anastassia N. Alexandrova
Chemical bonding at electrified interfaces

17:55     Closing of the day

Wednesday 21 September
All-day Poster Twitter Event @CBOND2022online and #CBOND2022poster.
See below for more information

Thursday 22 September 16:00 –18:00 CEST
16:00     Célia Fonseca Guerra – Session opening
16:05     Michelle Coote – Catalyzing reactions with electric fields

16:55     Gernot Frenking – Chemical Bonding and the Atomic Valence Space

17:45     Closing of the session
17:50     Announcement of poster prize winners

17:55     Matthias Bickelhaupt – Closing of CBOND2022

18:00     End of the Webinar

CBOND2022 will be held online via a Zoom webinar. On Monday 19th of September you will receive a link + password to enter the Tuesday session, and on Wednesday the 21st of September you will receive a link + password to enter the Thursday session. Please note that the login credentials for both sessions are different. Furthermore, all speakers will receive a personal invitation to join the Zoom webinar and are invited to login already at 15:30 CET, that is, half an hour before the official start of their session, to become acquainted with the functionalities.

We kindly ask that you do not share the Zoom link with your colleagues or others that are interested in attending CBOND2022. Instead, they should simply register themselves, so that we may keep an accurate record of the attendees of CBOND2022.

On Wednesday 21 September, the CBOND2022 Twitter poster event will take place. Below, you can find the guidelines to participate:

  • Send your poster in PDF format to before Tuesday 20 September to be eligible for one of the poster prizes. Please include your affiliation and e-mail address on your poster.

  • Post your poster on Twitter on Wednesday 21 September between 09:00 and 12:00 CEST with the Twitter handle @CBOND2022online and the hashtag #CBOND2022poster.

  • Discuss your poster and interact with the judges and fellow CBOND2022 attendees between 09:00 and 21:00 CEST.

  • During the Thursday session on 22 September, the winners of the CBOND2022 Twitter poster event will be announced.

Célia Fonseca Guerra  

Trevor A. Hamlin
Matthias Bickelhaupt  

Brigitte Horsten-Niehe - conference secretary 
Pascal Vermeeren  

If you have any questions, please contact us at Also, follow us on Twitter @CBOND2022online.

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