BSc and MSc Projects

Projects within our group focus on understanding chemical bonding and reactivity.

Interested students are invited to read our papers on the Activation Strain Model (Nature Protoc. 2020, 15, 649-667), reactivity (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017, 56, 10070-10086) and bonding analysis (Chem. Eur. J. 1999, 5, 3581-3594Chem. Asian. J. 2020, 15, 4043-4054).

Students interested in code development for chemical bonding and reactivity are invited to read our papers on the Voronoi Deformation Density Analysis of the electronic density (J. Comput. Chem 2004, 25, 189-210) and PyFrag (J. Comput. Chem. 2019, 40, 2227-2233).

Below you can find subjects, which we are working on now or in the near future. If you are interested, please apply with one of us:,, or

Chemical Bonding Theory

Chemical Reactivity Theory

Chemical Bonds and Affinities

Aromaticity and Hypervalence

Elementary Reactions


Software Development

Photon Harvesting and Emission

Noncovalent Interactions

DNA Quadruplexes

DNA Replication

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