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Marco Dalla Tiezza: TeamMember

Siebe Lekanne Deprez

Phd student

Siebe was born in 1999 in Amstelveen, a relatively large town (to Dutch standards) near Amsterdam. He did his BSc. Chemistry at the UvA & VU (joint-degree) and experienced an attractive interaction with the university. For that reason, he did his master's in chemistry at the UvA/VU and chose the molecular sciences track. Siebe became increasingly more interested in theoretical and computational chemistry as he was fascinated with understanding how molecules interact and exploring what chemical bonds really entail. During his master's project, Siebe studied metallylene catalysis with Density Functional Theory (DFT) under the supervision of Dr. Pascal Vermeeren and Dr. Trevor A. Hamlin. His current PhD project is about designing self-repairing polymers for which he collaborates with Prof. Dr. Célia Fonseca Guerra (VU), MSc. Stefan Maessen (TU Eindhoven), and Prof. Dr. Anja Palmans (TU Eindhoven). 


Besides pure chemistry, Siebe adores science communication, as he likes the challenge of communicating about computational chemistry with people he meets. His spare time activities include playing drums (as early as seven years old) in three different bands and playing piano, exploring worlds in video games, cycling, running, ballroom dancing, and philosophizing about life & our current society.

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